ALG's Daily Grind - Obama unmasked: from IRS politicization to AP wiretapping

May 15, 2013

Obama unmasked: from IRS politicization to AP wiretapping

A little truth to the formerly complicit Fourth Estate: The actions of the Justice Department are a direct attack on your ability to protect sources, develop stories and have those you speak with have any expectation that their anonymity will be preserved.

The SEIU is Not the Fastest Growing Union—It's Shrinking

Service Employees International Union's 2012 LM-2 shows membership dropped by nearly 45 thousand members- the first drop in 8 years. The SEIU is in trouble.

Sen. Max Baucus asked IRS in 2010 to investigate 501(c) groups, letter shows

ALG's Mehrens: ""Considering the invasive questions the IRS was asking the targeted organizations, it appears that Sen. Baucus got exactly what he asked for, which was a witch-hunt."

BBC News: U.S. shale oil supply shock shifts global power balance

"A steeper-than-expected rise in U.S. shale oil reserves is about to change the global balance of power between new and existing producers, a report says."