Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on the House casino super committee voting to recommend that the full House kill SB 152:

"Governor Hassan’s fiscally irresponsible house of cards is beginning to collapse. Today’s vote is a major setback for her proposal to include $80 million in speculative gambling revenues to cover the massive spending increase in her state budget. Her proposal is so reckless that even prominent Democrats including outgoing Attorney General Michael Delaney and House Finance Chairman Mary Jane Wallner have spoken out against it and call her plan a 'mistake.' It is past time for the governor to come up with a “Plan B” to offset the non-existent and illegal revenue in her proposal.

"New Hampshire deserves a governor who is willing to show leadership and propose a responsible budget that does not rely on phony, fraudulent and illegal gambling revenue to balance our books. Republicans are committed to exposing the devastating impact of the governor's budget and proposing real solutions to preserve the state's fiscal integrity and maintain the New Hampshire Advantage."