O'Brien For Congress - Bill O’Brien Comments on Rep. Ann McLane Kuster Failure To Vote for Obamacare Repeal

“Ann Kuster could have voted to stop this.
Instead, she once again walked away from
New Hampshire values.”

Mont Vernon, NH – State representative Bill O’Brien, Republican candidate for Congress in the Second District, made the following comments today in response to U.S. Rep. Ann McLane Kuster’s failure to vote to repeal Obamacare when she voted last night against H.R. 45.

“Last night Rep. Kuster had the opportunity to stand with the hardworking taxpayers of New Hampshire and her constituents in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District by repealing Obamacare. Instead, she chose to stand with Nancy Pelosi and against our citizens and even against members of her party who have said that the full implementation of Obamacare will be a ‘train wreck.’

“If fully implemented, Obamacare will hijack and wreck not only the finances of the federal government, but also our state’s finances. Obamacare will also substantially increase private healthcare insurance premiums annually and consequently it will throw millions of Americans on Medicaid.

“Medicaid relies on substantial contributions from local taxpayers, yet it doesn’t even pay for half the cost of service to its recipients. It does all of this –or, none of this rather - while failing to provide better health outcomes than being uninsured, according to a study of Medicaid expansion in Oregon.”

“In lockstep with party bosses such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Rep. Ann Kuster refuses to acknowledge what is becoming increasingly obvious. And that is, by driving private insurance costs through the roof, Obmacare will consign many of those caught in its web to permanent government dependency. Small increases in family incomes will require heads of households to pay fines or purchase private health insurance that will cost vastly more than those income increases. Ann Kuster could have voted to stop this. Instead, she once again walked away from New Hampshire values.”


William O’Brien is a state representative from Mont Vernon, serving his fourth term in the New Hampshire House.