Political Headlines - May 2, 2013

  • Markey, Gomez spar on funding by outside groups: Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democrat Edward Markey kicked off their special election campaigns yesterday with attacks on issues including special interest money, abortion and an assault weapons ban.


  • Gomez gave himself edge in cash: In a low-turnout, short-lived special election in which voters were distracted by more urgent news of the bombing in Boston, Gomez had a financial edge that empowered him. More from political reporter Stephanie Ebbert.


  • Immigration reform stays on US soil: As the President heads to Latin America, national security columnist Juliette Kayyem writes about Mexico and immigration reform. Even as the United States has shifted its focus to the Middle East, traffic on both sides of the US-Mexican border continues to increase.


  • Like Brown, but in a bomber jacket: Columnist Joan Vennochi writes about how Republican US Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez is picking up where Scott Brown left off - he wants a campaign focused on image, not issues. Ex-Navy Seal takes on veteran Washington insider.