Franklin Center - Pizza, Tax Shelters, Electric Cars, oh my!

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McAuliffe's company's China hook-up: will it work?

Automotive experts expressed doubts about an electric-vehicle venture announced by VA gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s GreenTech and a Chinese firm.

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McAuliffe car co. parent in off-shore tax shelter

Terry McAuliffe blasted Mitt Romney for allegations that he had dodged taxes with offshore accounts, but the parent company of McAuliffe's Greentech Automotive is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

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McAuliffe car lags in Domino's delivery

Terry McAuliffe's Greentech Automotive expected to have the inside track on producing Domino's pizza delivery vehicle of choice, but Greentech's "MyCar" is losing out to the gas-powered Chevy Spark.

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NJ Watchdog: Pension Story Makes Fox News

The newest story in NJ
 Watchdog's pension exposé series, a 'disabled' cop is exposed for raking $70k a year in his disability pension, despite staring in a reality show on vehicle repos.

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