ALG's Daily Grind - Arrogance is Obama's worst enemy

May 20, 2013

Arrogance is Obama's worst enemy

Obama's breached relationship with the media is the greatest threat to his presidency and his legacy, but does he even realize it?

Greens oppose drilling, fracking, Keystone… and exports

Drilling opponents claim to be protecting the environment. In reality, they simply detest hydrocarbons, modern living standards, free enterprise and personal liberty.

IRS rules already clear on 501(c)(4) political activity

ALG's Mehrens: "Targeting organizations for special scrutiny on the belief that they might exercise their First Amendment protected rights to engage in political activity in is an egregious violation of the freedom of speech. If it had been done consistently for groups of all stripes would not have made it better."

Wall Street Journal: The Doubly Illegal NLRB

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals rules that another one of Obama's "recess" NLRB appointments violated the Constitution.