Fracknation - Fracking Battle Heats Up

Rival fracking documentaries to air on consecutive nights 

Hollywood, CA—Mark Cuban's AXS TV has announced it will air the controversial "pro-fracking" documentary FrackNation the night after HBO premieres Josh Fox's sequel to Gasland, the oscar nominated anti-fracking documentary. 
"We are delighted that AXS TV will show FrackNation the night after Gasland 2 premieres on HBO," said Phelim McAleer, director of FrackNation. "Now the people of America will be able to look at both sides of the story. More information about fracking will enable people to distinguish between scare stories and true stories."
The dueling documentaries will be aired in early July. Gasland 2 will premiere on July 8 and FrackNation will be on AXS TV on July 9. AXS TV is owned in part by Mark Cuban and the channel is available in 40 million homes. HBO has just under 30 million American subscriptions.
"I think FrackNation's journalism stands up against the scare stories of Gasland 2," said McAleer. "Now the American people can make up their own minds," he added.
According to Variety—the showbusiness bible—FrackNation "makes a good case against [Gasland]" and "debunks the famous Gasland scene of a fracking 'victim' setting his tap water on fire."
The broadcast is not the first time AXS TV has used a counter programming strategy. AXS first showed FrackNation on January 22 just as the Matt Damon's anti-fracking movie Promised Land was released in theaters. Mark Cuban said the counter programming was not a coincidence.
"Of course the timing is relevant,” Cuban told The Hollywood Reporter. “We want people talking and using #AXSTV when they watch and discuss it.”
After the screening The New York Times called FrackNation "meticulously researched" and said that “much of what it reveals is provocative.”
FrackNation has also been welcomed by farmers and landowners who say their lives and experiences have been misrepresented by Gasland and Josh Fox.
"Josh Fox made a film full of lies that hurt farmers and landowners who desperately need hope and a shot at a better future," said Dan Fitzsimmons, president of the Joint Landowners Coalition of NY. "FrackNation stands up for the truth, exposes those lies, and has helped restore hope to our 77,000 members. FrackNation shows the truth IS relevant."

FrackNation was funded on Kickstarter by 3,305 backers who donated $212,265 to investigate the truth about the fracking.