Sunacom - Odell: Trust the Feds to not shift all Medicaid costs back to states?

In his May 19 column on Sunacom, NH State Senator Bob Odell writes:

'The Supreme Court ruled... that states cannot be mandated to sign on for Medicaid expansion, and about half the states have decided to not join up...'

'Governor Maggie Hassan is a strong advocate of expanding Medicaid...' 'The House also supports expansion...' '...expansion could add between 40,000 and 63,000 to the 130,000 residents who already receive Medicaid benefits.'

'...local school districts over the years have added $1.5 billion dollars to property tax payers' burden for the promise not kept by Washington.'

'[Congregate housing services program] costs were to be shared... 40 percent by the federal government...' 'Federal funding ended and all government costs were shifted to the state.'

'...can [the Federal government] be trusted to not shift costs for Medicaid expansion back to states?'

'If the Senate decides to not go along, then Medicaid expansion could be the biggest issue separating Republicans from Democrats, and the Senate from the House and Governor...'