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Justice Department won't say why it seized reporters' phone records

"It's one of those days where those of us who worry about handing too much authority to the federal government were proven right. Again."

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IRS wasn't the only agency hassling True the Vote

Since filing for tax exemption as a nonprofit in 2010, the founders of True the Vote, a Houston-based group that tries to prevent elections fraud, have been overwhelmed with scrutiny from a host of government agencies.

Read about the audits, phone calls, and interviews here! 

White House, IRS Show Interest in Watchdog in December

President Barack Obama's executive staff reviewed Watchdog's news website in record numbers at precisely the same time that IRS visits to spiked.

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Aloha Secret Service, You've Been Served!

Judicial Watch Inc., a nonpartisan Washington, D.C.-based organization that focuses on transparency and accountability in government, has sued for records of taxpayer money used on President Obama's vacations. 

Learn more about the FOIA lawsuit here!

"This is Big Brother come to life"

Governors Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal wrote a letter demanding that President Obama call for a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS scandal, calling it a "witch-hunt" to keep Americans from exercising their First Amendment rights.

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