Freekeenenews - Robin Hooders Give City Flowers as Thanks for the News Coverage!

Thank-You Flowers Delivered to City of Keene

Robin Hooders wanted to thank the city people for the millions of dollars' worth of free press they helped generate.  I can't begin to list all of the wonderful coverage Keene's Robin Hooders have received over the last week.  The press has been huge.  Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, BBC, AP, Reuters, The Telegraph, NBC, MSN, and beyond.  It's impossible to quantify the dollars that this coverage has been worth, so the least the liberty activists in Keene could do was buy some flowers and deliver them to the City of Keene for filing the lawsuit that sparked the avalanche of coverage!

The video of the delivery of the flowers is here at Free Keene. 

Also recently at Free Keene, Robin Hooder Garret Ean responds to city manager "Prince John" Maclean's letter to the local newspaper where he claims their suit is all about protecting their employees and not revenue.  

Plus, NH Labor News comes out against Robin Hooders and issues a huge unintentional compliment to the Free State Project, claiming that the FSP is having "Significant impact on the state"!  That's pretty good, considering the migration of FSP participants is only at around 5%!  We're just getting started.

Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest.