Political Headlines - May 22, 2013

  • Edward Markey hits back at Gabriel Gomez attacks: The Mass. Senate campaign took on a contentious tone yesterday as Markey hit back at Gomez, defending his legislative response to 9/11. Political reporters Joshua Miller and Michael Levenson with more 
  • Academic freedom?: Columnist Jeff Jacoby writes about the Harvard students and alumni who recently petitioned against a doctoral graduate, calling his dissertation "plain racism." But isn't academia supposed to allow the marketplace of ideas to function?
  • Obamas' message not just for black students: Columnist Derrick Jackson writes about recent commencement addresses from the First Family, and says that fairness demands a comparable directive to white graduating classes - a need for parallel messages about fatherhood and hard work.
  • Gomez's goal - sensible centrism: Columnist Scot Lehigh says that Gomez must be a sensible centrist in order to win the Senate race against Democratic liberal Congressman Markey.