New Independent Business Council Chaired by Frank Guinta

New Independent Business Council, chaired by Frank Guinta, Advocates for a Win-Win Business Environment in the Granite State

MAY 20, 2013, Manchester, NH – The Independent Business Council of New Hampshire (IBC-NH) formally announces its board of advisors and mission of pro-business advocacy.  Encouraged by small business leaders looking for expertise and policy navigation, the IBC was founded in February 2013 by former United States Congressman Frank Guinta.

“New Hampshire’s success depends on the success of our small business owners and entrepreneurs,” said Frank Guinta, the group’s Chairman.  “Policymakers can and should understand and support small businesses more, and our organization will aid in making that possible.  We see numerous opportunities to increase the benefits of small business to our great state… it’s a win-win outlook that I am proud to be part of.”

The Independent Business Council assists with strategic analysis and organization, issue monitoring and leadership, case management and advocacy, and communications.  Members work together on identifying critical issues that can be improved to further strengthen the State’s pro-business reputation.

The IBC’s inaugural Board of Advisors includes:

Andy Crews – CEO, AutoFair

Curtis Coleman – President, Coleman Concrete

Hon. Dick Danais – President, Danais Realty

Mark Ginnard – CEO, NH Steel Fabricators

Dan Morrison – President & CEO, Optima Bank & Trust

Zach Gregg – CEO, IOS Business Centers

Hon. Tom Dublois – President Tokena Corporation

Renee Plummer - President Two International Group, Real Estate Developers. 

Mike Benton – CEO, Executive Health & Fitness

Jim Boyle – CEO, Portsmouth Toyota

Bill Root – GM LAARS Heating Systems Company

Larry Thibodeau – President NH Fire Protection

Carl Thibodeau – CEO Tee Enterprises

Laura Morgan – President Morgan Records

Ron Ciotti, Esq. – Partner Hinckley, Allen & Snyder

Rusty McLear, President and CEO, Mill Falls


The Independent Business Council of New Hampshire (IBC-NH) is a member driven organization consisting of entrepreneurs, independent business owners and operators, which provides policy expertise and advocacy for economic and business policies in the State of New Hampshire.  Spearheaded by United States Congressman Frank Guinta, the group works to strengthen the economic vitality of New Hampshire through education and connection among agency regulators, government representatives, and business leaders.