NRSC: What's Next? Why is Jeanne Shaheen So Quiet About the IRS Scandal?

Washington, D.C. – Last week, news broke that not only were Jeanne Shaheen, Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats guilty of pressuring the IRS to target conservative groups, but the IRS Employees Union gave 93 cents of every dollar donated to Democratic candidates. Washington is entrenched in scandal that reveals the close relationship between Democrats and the IRS, yet after an initial statement, Senator Shaheen – who has received $5,000 from the IRS union – has been quiet.  

"Jeanne Shaheen and Senate Democrats - who pressured the IRS to target conservative groups - have an obligation to defend the citizens and organizations that were bullied by their own federal government,” said NRSC Communications Director Brad Dayspring. Jeanne Shaheen is a United States Senator, and that requires action not just hollow press releases - but she continues to hide behind them."

As the IRS scandal continues to grow, Jeanne Shaheen must answer the following questions:

  1. Does Senator Jeanne Shaheen think an independent special counsel is needed to investigate the IRS efforts?
  2. Will Jeanne Shaheen  return the $5,000 in campaign contributions from IRS union?
  3. Does Jeanne Shaheen believe that President Obama should apologize to citizens and groups that were unfairly targeted? 
  4. Does Jeanne Shaheen believe that President Obama and other senior White House staffers were wrong to publicly suggest that conservative groups were breaking the law?