Sunacom - Bowers: "…few casino customers would come from Massachusetts…"

In his May 20, 2013 column on Sunacom, Spec Bowers writes...

'Nobody is predicting which way the [casino bill] vote will go.' 'The vote will be bipartisan for and against.'

'In the short time that the House committee has been evaluating the bill, the committee discovered all sorts of problems.... but one month was not enough time to find solutions.'

'...opponents think that the words of that bill are badly flawed.'

'...lottery machines are allowed in thousands of businesses all over the state.' 'A casino would be a state-protected monopoly allowed in just one place.'

'Very few casino customers would come from Massachusetts where there will be bigger and brighter casinos.'

'The proposed casino location is very close to the Mass border and workers could easily commute from Mass....'

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