NHDP Statement on State Senate Minimum Wage Vote

Republican Jeb Bradley Dodges Direct Question, Refuses to Say if he Supports Any Minimum Wage


Concord - During debate on establishing a state minimum wage in the State Senate today, Republican Senator Jeb Bradley refused to say if he supported any minimum wage for New Hampshire workers at either the state or federal level.  Bradley was then joined in voting against New Hampshire setting a state minimum wage, by the Republican majority in the state senate.  New Hampshire Democratic Party Communication Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement in response to their reckless vote


"In the State House, Bradley voted against raising New Hampshire's minimum wage from $5.15 per hour - more than two dollars less than today's minimum wage.  Today, he dodged direct questions and refused to say if he believes there should be a minimum wage at all.  New Hampshire workers and their families deserve an answer - how little does Jeb Bradley believe their labor is ever worth? Does he even believe there should be a minimum wage at all?"


"It is disappointing that Bradley and Republicans refused to abandon their false talking points and stand with New Hampshire workers.  Their vote was further evidence that New Hampshire Republicans have turned their back on traditional Granite State values.  Instead of working to grow the economy and protect wages, Bradley and Republicans in the state senate stood with the radical right in voting against New Hampshire's minimum wage law. "


Background on Bradley's Votes Against NH Workers and the Minimum Wage


Republican State Senator Jeb Bradley Has Consistently Voted For The Lowest Available Minimum Wage. Both in Washington as a member of Congress, and in Concord as a state Senator and state Representative, Bradley voted against raising the minimum wage. [HB1475, 2000 Roll Call; HR 890, Vote #319, 6/27/06] In 2011, Bradley even voted to eliminate New Hampshire's minimum wage law entirely.  [HB133, 2011 Roll Call]


REPORT: Minimum Wage Increase Would Impact Economy In A "Demonstrably Positive" Way. In August 2012, a report from the Economic Policy Instituate said: "Raising the minimum wage would help workers still reeling from the effects of the recession. The resulting impact on the overall economy would be demonstrably positive, as minimum-wage workers would spend their new earnings immediately, generating a positive impact on GDP and related modest employment growth." [Economic Policy Institute, How Raising the Federal Minimum Wage Would Help Working Families and Give the Economy a Boost, 8/4/12]


Berkley Study Found That Minimum Wage Increase Did Not Result In Job Loss. In February 2013, the Desert News wrote: "Subsequent research by other economists bolsters Card and Krueger's conclusion that the relationship is not as simple as minimum wage up, employment down. A 2010 study by economists at Berkeley, for example, found that increasing the minimum wage did not result in job loss." [Desert News2/19/13]