Rep. William O’Brien’s Comments on the NH Senate’s Rejection of a 67% Hike in the Gas Tax

Mont Vernon - Rep. William O’Brien had the following comments in response to the NH Senate’s rejection of the House-passed 67% increase in the gas tax:

“The State Senate is to be congratulated for protecting the taxpayers of New Hampshire from the NH House’s 67% increase in the gas tax. 

While my struggle in the House to address concerns about Red-listed Bridges and Roads by forbidding diversion of almost one-third of Highway Trust Funds away from bridge and road construction and repairs was met there by a majority calling for a 12 cent per gallon tax increase, now that this tax hike has been rejected in the Senate, I call upon House Democrats to join me in a bi-partisan solution by using the funds that the people having given us to eliminate Red-listed bridges and roads. 

The time to hide behind the existence of these Red-listed dangers to the traveling public in order to raise taxes for other purposes has passed.  Let’s stop the diversion of funds.  Let’s repair those hazardous bridges and roads.  And let’s use the extra money that would come from halting the diversion of funds away from the Highway Trust Fund to finish the expansion of Rte. 93 and bring New Hampshire jobs to New Hampshire’s commuters to Massachusetts.  Whether on the state or Federal level, at some point the rhetoric must end and the obvious solutions must be adopted.”


William O’Brien is a state representative from Mont Vernon, serving his fourth term in the New Hampshire House.  He is exploring a campaign for election as New Hampshire’s member of Congress from the Second Congressional District.