Townhall Daily - May 24 - Hugh Hewitt, Mark Davis, Jonah Goldberg, David Limbaugh, Mona Charen and More


Hugh Hewitt:
The Pressing Need for a Special Prosecutor

Mark Davis:
Bulletin: We Are Still at War

Jonah Goldberg:
First Amendment Clause-Trophobia

David Limbaugh:
Liberty, Where Have You Gone?

Mona Charen:
Obama and the Law

Suzanne Fields:
Barack Obama as the Great Gatsby


Is Obama's $72k-per-month personal windfall taxpayer-funded?

According to his most recent tax filings, U.S. President Barack Obama collects an average of more than $72,780 PER MONTH in personal income… that's NOT counting his presidential salary.

Where does all this money come from? Click here to see.


Mike Shedlock:
Warning: Move Money out of Spainish Banks...Now

Ransom Notes Radio:
Apple Makes McCain Look Like a Fool, er, More Like a Fool

Daniel J. Mitchell:
The IMF Is the Doctor Kevorkian of Global Economic Policy

Night Watch:
Iraq Civil War Pauses, Temporarily

Rich Galen:
Tom Ridge

Donald Lambro:
Obama Playing at the Improv, Making it Up As He Goes Along


Bob Beauprez:
Rand Paul: "Congress should be on trial" - not Apple

Brian Birdnow:
Rationale Shifts And Foreign Policy Failures

Cliff May:
Black Swans, Icebergs and Benghazi

Michael Brown:
Immorality is Trending

Brian and Garrett Fahy:
Scandalous Ignorance

Charlotte Hays:
The Destruction of Our Culture of Self-Reliance and Civic Society

Daniel Pipes:
The U.S. Government Compiles a Bibliography

Bill Tatro:
Going Japanese on Housing

Fred Lucas:
Talk Radio, Immigration Reform and ‘Running America’

Roger Schlesinger:
The Hair is Almost Gone

Bob Kabel:
Resolving to Get It Right

Simon Conway:
London, a Deeper Horror Than We Might Think