ALG's Daily Grind - The IRS vs. Citizens United

May 24, 2013

The IRS vs. Citizens United

The Supreme Court held in Jan. 2010 that non-profit groups could engage in political activity. So why was the IRS by March 2010 attacking groups that did so?

Balancing the Endangered Species Act

The House Resources Committee should travelling to see for themselves and hear from the people who have been harmed by the current system that wipes out logging or farming communities all in the guise of conducting an experiment that might marginally help an endangered.

The Devil's Koch

Before folks rush to condemn the Kochs, maybe they should wait to see what they do with Tribune — if they buy it. Stratfor email puts Brennan behind 'witch hunt' of journalists reporting leaks

"An obscure November 2012 Wikileaks email dump points to former White House counterterrorism adviser and now-CIA chief John Brennan as the person behind the "witch hunt" of journalists who reported unflattering Obama administration leaks."