Citizens Report: Weekly Newsletter

Shea-Porter and Kuster: Wasting time with a failed amendment to Keystone XL Pipeline legislation

This week, the House of Representatives considered HR 3, the Northern Route Approval Act.

HR 3 would approve the Keystone XL Pipeline by deeming the State Department's first environmental review as satisfying all requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. While the bill passed the House 241 to 175, both Rep. Shea-Porter and Rep. Kuster disappointed many Granite Staters by voting against the bipartisan legislation.

In addition to disappointing Granite Staters with their votes,
Rep. Shea-Porter introduced an unrelated amendment to HR 3a day prior to clarify that nothing in HR 3 approves or authorizes any proposed pipeline activity between Portland, Maine and Montreal, Canada. 

Congresswoman Anne Kuster joined Shea-Porter by cosponsoring her amendment. Shea-Porter's amendment along with other amendments to HR 3 was referred to the House Rules Committee to ensure they fulfilled House protocol. 

The House released the list of amendments the morning of the vote to HR 3, but Shea-Porter's was not included.

The overarching legislation deals with the Keystone XL Pipeline, not an already existent pipeline in New England and Canada. Because Shea-Porter's amendment wasn't dealing with the underlying bill and House rules stipulate that amendments have to follow the bill, Shea-Porter's amendment did not clear the House Rules Committee and didn't even make it to the floor of the House for consideration. Thus, the entire political stunt was a waste of time.   

Congresswoman Shea-Porter has been the most vocal member of the New Hampshire delegation
against the heavily bipartisan Keystone XL Pipeline despite the fact nearly 75% of Americans indicate they support or somewhat support the project. 


While Congresswoman Ann Kuster might be new to Congress, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, a three term Congresswoman, should understand the legislative process. It is a shame that New Hampshire's congresswomen are on the wrong side of an issue that creates jobs and lowers fuel costs, but it is even more of a problem when our representatives are using their time in Washington on a failed amendment that doesn't even follow the rules of the House of Representatives.

Granite Staters deserve better than political stunts to appease special interest groups.  


New Hampshire Senate defeats House's increase in the Gas Tax and the Tobacco Tax

On Thursday, the Senate voted 18-6 to indefinitely postpone HB 617, which would have increased the gas tax by 67%. The Senate also voted 13-11 that HB 659 was inexpedient to legislate. HB 659 would have increased the tobacco tax. Both tax increases were passed by the New Hampshire House in April as a part of their budget. 

In recent weeks, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire obtained multiple videos pertaining to the tax increases passed by the New Hampshire House and has used those videos to encourage others to defeat both the increase in the Gas Tax and the Tobacco Tax.  

Video of Rep. William O'Neil (D, Manchester) incorrectly saying that there are no tax increases in the House-passed budget can be viewed here. 


Video of Gov. Hassan incorrectly saying that she is unaware of any other tax increases other than the Tobacco Tax in the House-passed budget can be viewed here.  

Video of Rep. Lisa Whittemore (D, Londonderry) saying that a 67 percent increase in the Gas Tax is a good deal for New Hampshire families can be viewed here.


Thursday's defeat of an increase in the Gas Tax and the Tobacco Tax was a step in the right direction to make sure Granite State small businesses and families are not subjected to the failed tax and spend policies passed by the New Hampshire House.

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire would like to thank those Senators who recognized that when 40,311 Granite Staters are still out of work, now is not the time to increase taxes on the backs of small businesses and families.


Commending the New Hampshire Senate for standing their ground on "Stand Your Ground" legislation to protect families

On Thursday, the Senate voted 19-5 to lay HB 135 on the table, which would have repealed New Hampshire's "Stand Your Ground" law. 

Last month, when confronted about the House-passed repeal of "Stand Your Ground" legislation, Governor Hassan ran away from a representative of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire and refused to answer questions.
Video of this can be viewed here. She has since publicly said she supported the repeal.

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire thanks all Senators who voted to not change the current 'Stand Your Ground' law.

This law is important because it allows an individual to protect himself or herself from harm without having to retreat. If the Senate had passed HB 135 and repealed the 'Stand Your Ground' law, Granite Staters would not continue to have the same ability they currently have to protect themselves and their families from harm.


Senate Finance Committee stands up for New Hampshire families by blocking Obamacare's Medicaid expansion

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire strongly supported the State Senate Finance Committee's decision to block Obamacare's Medicaid expansion on Wednesday.        

Senate Finance Committee recognized the problems associated with expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire and with accepting money from the federal government to fund this expansion. By expanding Medicaid, which is a key provision of Obamacare, there is great concern that the cost of paying for this expansion will fall on the people of New Hampshire.  


The reliance on which our state would have to have on the federal government to fund the expansion is too much of a risk. There is no guarantee that the money will continue to be given and no concrete data that points to lower costs and increased health care with the expansion. The Senate Finance Committee made the right decision in seeing that New Hampshire cannot afford to expand Medicaid on the backs of Granite Staters and Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire commends the Senate Finance Committee for its decision.

Volunteering for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire

One of the projects Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is always working on is making phone calls to Granite Staters asking them about their thoughts on the most important issues facing our state and country. If you would like to join our volunteers and can stop in for an hour or two during one of our phone banks, please email