NHDP - ICYMI: Bradley's Blame Shift, Jeb Bemoans Failure of Bill He Voted Against

Concord - In case you missed it, Republican Majority Leader Jeb Bradley pathetically tried to shift blame on to others for the SB152's failure to pass.  But as the Union Leader noted, "Republicans in the House voted by a 2-1 margin against the casino, however. And when gambling passed the Senate 16-8 in March, Bradley voted against it."  [Union Leader, 5/24/2013]


"Only a career politician like Jeb Bradley could bemoan the failure of something he voted against," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communication Director Harrell Kirstein.  "Sadly, partisan hypocrisy is all we expect from him.  Bradley has turned consistently refusing to take a stand on issues important to the people of New Hampshire into an art form where he is Picasso.  Bradley takes everyday, bread and butter issues and obscures his position until it is nearly impossible to see where he stands on them."


While Bradley hasn't been shy about attacking other's budget or legislative proposals he has consistently refused to put forth a single idea of his own.  And when asked a direct question on the floor of the Senate yesterday - if he supports any kind of minimum wage for New Hampshire workers - Bradley refused to answer.  [Video]


"Not only can't New Hampshire citizens trust Bradley to represent them in Concord, neither Republicans, Democrats nor independent voters can trust him even to be honest about his own votes or positions," continued Kirstein.