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Thanks to your efforts, last week the New Hampshire Senate rejected several of the proposed tax increases passed by the New Hampshire House.

Here’s a quick recap of the votes last week. Please feel free to use the buttons to Tweet about each issue.

 ·        The 67% Increase in the state Gasoline and Diesel Tax was Indefinitely Postponed which means the bill has been rejected for the entire year. As you know, AFP-NH vehemently opposed this unnecessary tax increase upon all the hard working families and businesses in our state. From testifying against the legislation to setting up an online petition opposing the bill to running an Internet advertising campaign, blocking this energy tax was a top priority us. We appreciate your efforts to make sure this tax increase was defeated. 


·        ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion was rejected by the Senate Finance Committee. Medicaid is already the largest program in state government. Yet there are many who want to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire and usher tens of thousands of new recipients into this failed and bloated program. We appreciate your continuing efforts to ensure that New Hampshire does not get ensnarled by the lure of federal dollars into expanding a program that will not provide better care to those it is intended to help and will likely lead to higher taxes and health insurance premiums before it bankrupts state government. 



 ·        The 20 cents/pack Tobacco Tax Increase was rejected by the Senate. Raising the tobacco tax is especially harmful to retailers in our border communities where our lower tax environment draws in consumers from other states to purchase goods and services in New Hampshire.


While the House seems intent on growing the size of state government, the Senate seems to understand that it is more important to grow our economy so that businesses will expand or move here and more of our neighbors can find jobs.


Each of the victories above are important to the economic prosperity of our state…but there are remaining battles to be waged. Most specifically over the state budget.


While the Senate version of the budget eliminates many costly tax and fee increases, the House’s version takes a more reckless approach, increasing the size of state government by 16%. These increases of course will be paid for by you… in the form in increased taxes and fees.


In order for us to continue to successfully beat back these efforts at increasing the size of government, and along with it, your taxes, we need your support!  Your contribution today of $25, $50, $100, $200 or more will allow us to continue our efforts to tell New Hampshire citizens about the dangerous, big government plans that the liberals in Concord have for in store for us, and allow us to stop them! CLICK HERE to donate now!


Thank you for all you do to promote economic freedom in New Hampshire.





Greg Moore

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire