ALG's Daily Grind - Sixth Circuit has big labor running scared in Michigan

May 28, 2013

Sixth Circuit has big labor running scared in Michigan

Nothing in the First Amendment mandates that public sector payroll deductions be given to unions.

Rubio, Republicans must block Perez nomination

Sen. Marco Rubio on Thomas Perez nomination to be Sec. of Labor: "For a Cabinet position that oversees the country's workforce, our nation deserves a proven administrator who is committed to maximizing opportunities for the American worker, not a liberal activist who has pushed the boundaries of public office to advance his agenda."

Senator Hagan may be vulnerable in North Carolina

In 2010 North Carolina elected its first Republican-majority legislature in a century. Is the Hagan Senate seat next?

Sekulow: Letters of intimidation to tea party groups from Lois Lerner continued in 2012, a year after targeting supposedly ended

"Lerner was briefed about this unlawful targeting scheme in June 2011. But nine months later, beginning in March 2012, she sent cover letters to many of [American Center for Law and Justice] clients — demanding additional information and forwarding intrusive questionnaires."