Political Headlines - May 28, 2013

  • All sides pressing John Kerry on pipeline: Secretary of State Kerry, who for decades has portrayed himself as one of the nation's leading environmentalists, is under siege from all sides as he faces one of the most difficult decisions of his career: whether to approve the Keystone pipeline. National political reporter Matt Viser with more from Washington.
  • Lawmaker finds new realities in return to Congress: In the eighth installment of the Broken City series, reporter Matt Viser profiles Representative Rick Nolan, who now holds the record of the longest gap between two terms in congressional history, and has found that Washington has become an increasingly dysfunctional place upon his return.
  • Menino to have prostate surgery: Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who has suffered a string of ailments recently, will undergo elective surgery Friday for an enlarged prostate, according to his doctor.