Political Headlines - May 29, 2013

  • Dead in Mass. got millions in welfare, report says: The state gave millions of dollars in questionable public assis­tance to people who were listed as dead or apparently sold their benefit cards for cash over the past few years, according to a state ­audit. Reporter Todd Wallack details.
  • Gabriel Gomez opens new front in war on Edward Markey: As the US Senate special election nears, Gomez attacked Markey's record on tax increases yesterday. Markey has focused on his differences with Gomez on gun control and abortion rights. Political reporter Michael Levenson reports.
  •  Mayor Lantigua called before grand jury: The Mayor of ­Lawrence has been ordered to appear before a grand jury today to ­answer questions about tens of thousands of dollars alleged to be missing from a city-owned parking garage managed by one of his close political allies. Scott Allen and Andrea Estes from the Metro Investigative Unit deal.
  • The dynamic on guns is changing: Less than two months after the gun lobby's victory on the matter of firearms background checks, the dynamic seems to be changing, with citizens calling and emailing legislators to say they support sensible gun control. Columnist Scot Lehigh.
  •  How far does marriage 'equality' go?: If it's arbitrary and unjust to forbid same-sex marriage, isn't it just as arbitrary and unjust to forbid plural marriage? Or sibling marriage? Columnist Jeff Jacoby writes.