FrackNation to Battle Gasland 2 Across the Country

Hollywood, CA—A documentary battle is set to erupt this summer as rival fracking documentaries will screen in towns and cities across America on the same nights.

FrackNation, a controversial "pro-fracking" film, will face off against Gasland 2, Josh Fox's sequel to his anti-fracking documentary.

Director of FrackNation, Phelim McAleer, said the decision to counter-screen came after a huge turn out at an impromptu FrackNation screening in Boulder, Colorado.
"The support in Boulder on May 22 was overwhelming and amazing," said McAleer. "Concerned groups invited me to screen FrackNation as a counter to a Gasland 2 screening. With only three days notice, they packed the house with 170 enthusiastic residents. Standing room only. People are clamoring for the truth." 

Sparks are sure to fly as the rival documentaries screen close to each other and the filmmakers answer questions about their work.

There are two counter-screenings already scheduled: Santa Barbara, CA on May 31 and Binghamton, NY on June 5. More will be announced soon.

Gasland 2 is a sequel to Josh Fox's original HBO documentary that ignited much of the anti-fracking movement. FrackNation debunks many of the fracking myths in Gasland.
"I think FrackNation's journalism stands up against the scare stories of Gasland 2," said McAleer. "Now people across the country will be able to make up their own minds."
FrackNation was praised by the New York Times as "meticulously researched" and "provocative."
According to Variety—the showbusiness bible—FrackNation "makes a good case against [Gasland]" and "debunks the famous Gasland scene of a fracking 'victim' setting his tap water on fire."

FrackNation was funded through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter with 3,305 backers donating $212,265. Gasland 2 received corporate funding from HBO, the cable TV channel.