NHDP Statement on the Senate Republican Budget

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Communication Director Harrell Kirstein released the following statement on the Senate Republicans' budget.


"For all their bluster and bravado, when it came to naming their budget cuts Republicans ducked and dodged.  For weeks they refused to name their cuts, and now they are hiding behind across the board cuts, refusing to clearly layout which investments and priorities they want on the chopping block.  Senate Republicans have taken the fiscally irresponsible way out.  Their back of the budget cuts will impact critical services and cause massive layoffs, but rather than take responsibility for these reckless choices, Senate Republicans are passing the buck.


"And it is absolutely shameful that rather than accept federal funding to improve health care in New Hampshire, Senate Republicans are taking their cues from the far right-wing and Koch brothers-funded Tea Party and rejecting billions in federal dollars for expanded Medicaid.  Even Republican Governors in other states have chosen to accept this funding, but sadly, once again New Hampshire Republicans prove they are out of touch not just with the voters they are supposed to represent, but even with national members of their own party.

"Senate Republicans have turned their backs on the people of New Hampshire, something voters won't soon forget."