MMD - Are you sick and tired of being called a racist for simply opposing Obama's policies?

New Book Press Release:

Are you sick and tired of being called a racist for simply opposing Obama's policies?

Discover why every conservative in America must read the explosive book, Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the "R" Word to Push the Obama Agenda, by veteran talk radio host James Edwards.

May 2, 2013 (MMD Newswire) - - If you're like James Edwards, you've had it up to here watching the conservative movement spin its wheels, making lots of noise but never going anywhere. You're fed up with attending Tea Parties and other protest rallies, hoping to make a powerful statement about big government, only to spend most of your time listening to a bunch of wimps insisting they aren't racists.

You see, it's no accident--it's happening in city after city, all over America, for one simple reason--because liberals and race hustlers know that tossing out the "R word" is all they have to do to shut down conservative dissent. In fact, it's the whole point of all this "racism" business.To keep us so busy trying to prove we're not racists that we don't get a chance to make our point.

It works every time because conservatives just don't get it. We haven't grasped what's really behind all these constant charges of racism that the media, liberals and race hustlers are constantly hurling at us. If we really "got it," we wouldn't spend another precious minute of our time worrying about being called "racists," let alone bothering to respond to it. We could get on with addressing the real issues that are vital to the future of our country. But not 1 in 100 conservatives have figured out what's going on.

You see, James Edwards gets it. In his powerful book, he lays the truth right out there because he caught on a long time ago to the game the radical leftists are playing with the R word. Liberals know that the average, decent American believes the word "racist" means someone who hates people of another race, and wants to harm them.

So, naturally, when the media and liberals call conservative activists "racists," they're horrified, and will do anything to try to prove they're not racists. In fact, they'll spend so much time trying to do that, they accomplish little else. Which is exactly why leftists toss the word around like confetti.They know it's a surefire way of stopping conservatives in their tracks.

But here's a dirty little secret that James exposes in Racism, Schmacism. When liberals and race hustlers use the word "racist," it doesn't have the meaning it used to have--someone filled with hate and animosity for other races. No, when the race hustlers and leftists use the word "racist," they simply mean "conservative white person." Period. Until you get this, you will never understand politics in modern day America.

In this brilliant (and often hilarious) new book, James Edwards proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that in today's politically correct climate, "racist" simply means "white person" or "conservative white person." And "racism" is simply anything a white person does that minorities and leftists don't approve of.

Once you've finished it you'll never look at politics the same way again and you'll certainly never be a sucker for underhanded liberal smear tactics!

About James Edwards:
- Veteran radio host (nine years) at AM 1380 WLRM and AM 1600 WMQM - Memphis, TN
- Seen on CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, and covered by newspapers and magazines around the world, such as: the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the London Times, and Newsweek
- Speaking engagements have included a press conference at D.C.'s National Press Club
- Author of Racism Schmacism: How Liberals Use the "R" Word to Push the Obama Agenda
- Has been named an "Honorary City Councilman" in Memphis, Tennessee, where his show has received a certificate of recognition for outstanding contribution to the community

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