NHDP Statement on NHGOP Sales Tax Hypocrisy

Concord - Today, 12 of 13 New Hampshire Republican state senators voted against a resolution opposing an internet sales tax and praising New Hampshire's entire congressional delegation including Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte for their opposition in Washington. On Monday, NHGOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn condemned "shameful silence" on the issue as raising "serious questions about whether you would rather stand with New Hampshire, or quietly serve" other interests.  But the only lawmakers in Concord who remained quiet on the issue today were the New Hampshire Republicans.  

"After dishonest press releases and partisan stunts from the NHGOP, when the Republican state senators were offered an opportunity to voice opposition to the internet sales tax they instead stuck their heads in the sand.  The New Hampshire Republican Party has become the definition of shameful and embarrassing partisan hypocrisy.  They ducked, dodged, and ran away from taking a position." said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communication Director Harrell Kirstein.  "How long will it take Jennifer Horn to issue the same blistering condemnation from Monday, at the 12 Republicans who voted against the bi-partisan resolution today?" 

Majority Leader Jeb Bradley was the only Republican to vote for the resolution. 

"New Hampshire Democrats would like to commend Majority Leader Jeb Bradley on his vote thanking Senator Shaheen and the entire delegation for their work to protect the New Hampshire advantage," continued Kirstein.  "Sadly it is clear that his Republican colleagues don't even have the tiniest amount of faith in his leadership, since he couldn't convince a single one of them to vote along with him."