Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on the balanced Republican state budget: 

“Today’s announcement of the state's April revenues confirms that the Republican's 2012-13 budget will balance and may even produce a surplus. Reasonable Republican revenue estimates and responsible spending plans have proven reliable through 22 months of a 24-month budget cycle. Due to the hard work and fiscal prudence of the Republican controlled legislature, this budget has been able to cut taxes, reduce regulations and preserve New Hampshire’s economic prosperity during difficult economic times.

“This news is an enormous embarrassment for New Hampshire Democrats, who for months have spread false and dishonest claims about a potential budget shortfall. It also completely undercuts Governor Hassan’s argument that she needs full authority to raid dedicated funds in order to balance the budget. This power grab is wrong, and the potential surplus gives the Legislature even more reason to reject her ridiculous proposal."