Townhall Daily - May 30 - Ann Coulter, Michael Barone, Victor Davis Hanson, John Ransom, Larry Elder and More


Ann Coulter:
Send Us Your Violent Bigots, Yearning to Butcher Our Citizens

Michael Barone:
Unintended Consequences Often Bedevil Reformers

Victor Davis Hanson:
The Old Order is Dying

John Ransom:
Teaching How to Sell Women into Slavery

Larry Elder:
CBS Anchorman's Clueless Apology

Jeff Jacoby:
How Far Does 'Marriage Equality' Go?



Bob Barr:
I, Big Government

Todd Starnes:
Why Does Adam Levine Hate America?

Michael Reagan:
Underreporting in Obamaland

Cal Thomas:
(Dole)ing Out Blame For Gridlock

Mike Shedlock:
Another Sign of the Eurozone Falling Apart

Ransom Notes Radio:
New York City: Mayor Bloomberg’s Worker Paradise


Daniel J. Mitchell:
The Real Reason Politicians Want a Bigger Bite of Apple

David Harsanyi:
This Is What Happens When You Fear Free Speech

Night Watch:
Russia Calls Arms Deal with Syria a “Stabilizing Factor” for Region

Matt Towery:
Oh, Shut up ... and Put America First

Paul Greenberg:
What Was That He Said?

Rich Galen:
Obama on the Ropes

Charles Payne:
Demand for American Know-how and Traditions Fuels Market

Bob Beauprez:
Colorado Dems: "Sheriffs stand with Criminals"

Emmett Tyrrell:
A Close Call at the Newseum

Kyle Olson:
Walker Mum as Wisconsin Locals Fight Back Against Common Core National Standards

Steve Chapman:
In Syria, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Michael Brown:
The Film Industry's Celebration of Gay and the War on the Age of Consent

Crista Huff:
China Buys Lots of Pork

Bob Goldman:
The Sweet Stench of Success

Erik Stanley:
IRS Apologizes, More Apologies Necessary

Scottie Hughes:
The Tea Party’s Message Is Bigger Than Even Its Most Courageous Messengers

Robert Knight:
Criminal Minds at the IRS