Political Headlines - May 30, 2013

  • Mass. considers charges after welfare audit: Officials are investigating whether to pursue criminal or civil charges against hundreds of people identified in a new state audit who may have fraudulently collected welfare or illegally sold food benefits for cash. Todd Wallack reports.
  • Harvard to give Menino honorary degree: Boston's longest-serving mayor will receive an honorary degree from one of the nation's most prestigious institutions, Harvard University, today. City Hall reporter Andrew Ryan details.
  • Beyond Gabriel Gomez's jacket: Columnist Yvonne Abraham compares the US Senate candidate's flight jacket to Scott Brown's barn jacket, saying one says "I've done something so difficult most can only dream of it," while the other says, "I'm a regular guy."
  • A low point for Gabriel Gomez: Republican Gabriel Gomez is a political newcomer who has yet to master talking points or sound bites. So did he mean to call his Democratic rival "pond scum"? Columnist Joan Vennochi writes.