NHDP Statement on GOP Sen. Sanborn's Offensive Tweet

Republican State Senator Struggles to Explain Away Offensive Tweet


Concord - Republican State Senator Andy Sanborn is struggling to explain away an offensive remark he posted to his State Senate twitter account.  Sanborn tweeted at fellow Republicans Grant Bosse, Kevin Smith, and the Amherst Republican committee, calling Governor Maggie Hassan, "Haggie." [SCREENSHOT]


After being called out for his offensive and sexist comment, Sanborn fumbled to provide an excuse.  First claiming he "mistakenly combined first and last" names, then several minutes later, saying he "mis-typed" and was "all thumbs tonight." He then deleted the tweet to hide it from the public.


"Sanborn's pathetic excuses and phony apology for his offensive comment would be more believable if his story didn't keep changing and this wasn't part of a long pattern of questionable sexist comments," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein.  "This is the same guy who tried to turn the State House into Animal House and put a 'Man Cave' sign on his official State Senate Office door."


In 2011, following his election to the State Senate, Sanborn posted a sign that read, "Welcome to Jim and Andy's Man Cave/ Indoor shooting range/ Pool tables/ Big screen tv/ Heated swimming pool/ Draft beer/ Grand opening Wed Jan 5th." [IMAGE]  January 5th, was the first session day for the New Hampshire State Senate that year. 


"It was only ever a matter of time before Senator Sanborn joined fellow Republican politicians like Peter Hansen and Mark Warden in making shameful and inappropriate comments," continued Kirstein.  "New Hampshire Republicans continue to embarrass themselves with the same offensive Tea Party rhetoric that voters rejected last fall."