Sunacom - Odell: "… would it be more prudent to rol l the 2013 surplus into the next biennium…" ?

In his May 5, 2013 column on (, Senator Odell writes...
'Taking out one-time transactions, the state still took in $278 million from our [March and April] regular revenue sources or $21 million above budget plan.'
'...with business taxes up 6.7 percent over our revenue plan, this could be an indicator that the New Hampshire economy is turning the corner and doing better.'
'...the Governor on Thursday was quick to want to take some of the surplus now predicted for this fiscal year and rebuild our 'rainy day' fund.' '...would it be more prudent to roll the 2013 surplus into the next biennium to make sure, as much as possible, we meet the needs of the people of New Hampshire without new or increased taxes and fees[?]' is the only non-commercial, community service, online source for local town reporting, news and information for the Lake Sunapee region of New Hampshire... since July, 2008.