AFPNH - Last Chance to Stop the Gas Tax Increase

We need your help today to stop the proposed gasoline and diesel tax in New Hampshire!

I know we are all busy and pressed for time but this may be our last chance.


If you haven’t already done so, please go to and sign the petition opposing this tax increase that will be devastating to our taxpayers and businesses. Pass the link on to your friends, family and neighbors and inform them that this is a tax increase that will impact all of us in a negative way.


Tomorrow, May 7 at 10:00am in SH room # 103 the Senate Ways and Means Committee will hold a hearing on the proposed 67% tax hike on gasoline and diesel at the State House in Concord.


If passed, this will affect you in two ways.


First, it will increase the price you pay every time you stop to fill up your tank.


But secondly, and too often over-looked, it will increase the price you pay for many goods you purchase that are transported with diesel trucks.


Remember everything we consume moves on diesel, sometimes as many as five times during processing before we purchase the item. In simple terms, this means that not only will it cost you more to fill up your tank and drive to the store, but when you get there everything you need to purchase will be more expensive as well. This is not the time to be raising gasoline and diesel tax or any other tax on our citizens.


If you agree, I hope you will plan to attend tomorrow’s important hearing at 10:00am in Concord at the State House on the first floor in room #103.


Please join me and other concerned citizens at the hearing tomorrow at 10:00am to oppose this increase in the gasoline and diesel tax.


I truly believe if we take the time to turn out to this important hearing we can defeat this 67% tax increase. I hope to see you there.




Tom Thomson

Honorary Chairman

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire