Political Headlines - May 6, 2013

  • Marathon bombing response spurs questions: Since the Marathon attack, gunfire has not ceased in Boston's urban community, where residents are at once sympathetic to the victims but conflicted about law enforcement's sweeping response. They believe there should be a similar fight against homicide, Meghan Irons reports.
  • Killing without a script: For the past decade, US efforts have focused on eliminating the biggest terror threats - the global masterminds. But what about the haphazard and less sophisticated attackers like the Tsarnaev brothers? National security columnist Juliette Kayyem writes.
  • State Senate bid daunting for GOP: It has been almost 23 years since a Republican has won significant support in a general election for the First Suffolk state Senate seat, and the GOP candidate in this month's special election admits he may not break the pattern. Political reporter Wesley Lowery with more.