NHDP - Helicopter

Dear Friend,

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown continued his desperate attempt to re-enter the United States Senate this weekend with another trip to New Hampshire.  

Despite what he may think, Senator Scott Brown is not like the rest of us.  He is a high-profile television star on Fox News 
and a powerful Wall Street lobbyist.  And on Saturday night, he hopped into a helicopter for a flight to Nashua.  


I don't know about you, but when I make the 25 minute drive down to Nashua, I take the Everett Turnpike.  And when I head out to the Seacoast, I drive on 101.  And every day when I go into the office, I hop on 93 North.  Wall Street lobbyist Scott Brown is so out of touch with our state, his well-heeled friends have to fly him in via helicopter.  

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Thank you for your continued activism,