ALG's Daily Grind - Thomas Perez: Too Radical for Labor

May 7, 2013

Thomas Perez: Too Radical for Labor

In his capacity at the Justice Department, Thomas Perez tried to force the New York Fire Department to hire applicants who failed the written exam because he didn't like the racial composition of those who passed.

Cartoon: Cinco de Blameo

Obama's blame tour continues.

Establishment Beware: Lessons From the UK Elections

UK Independents surge to 23 percent of popular vote in British local elections, promise to challenge Tories and Labour in 2015. Is this a warning from across the pond to Republicans?

Woodhill: The Real Story Behind Friday's Unimpressive Unemployment Rate Decline

Trouble: "The number of people with full-time jobs fell by 212,000, while 382,000 Americans took part-time jobs, thus producing the reported 170,000 gain in total employment (which includes everyone who worked at all)."