HotAir Daily Express 05/07/2013


WaPo fact checker: Who rewrote the Benghazi talking points?
5/7/2013 10:01:17 AM  Ed Morrissey
Give Glenn Kessler credit; he was almost alone among the mainstream media in immediately calling Susan Rice’s explanation of the attack on the Benghazi consulate fishy, awarding her two Pinocchios at the time. (Perhaps not too much credit, says Ann

Justice Department to monitor special election in South Carolina
5/7/2013 9:21:29 AM  Ed Morrissey
Today’s the day that voters in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District march to the polling stations and decide whether to elect the disgraced former governor or the comedian’s sister to represent them in the House of

Christie: I had lap-band surgery to shed weight
5/7/2013 8:41:11 AM  Ed Morrissey
After years of criticism over his weight, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided over the winter to take action.  After consulting with Jets head coach Rex Ryan on his successful weight-loss surgery, Christie underwent lap-band surgery in February,

Video: Man finds woman missing for decade — at neighbor’s house
5/7/2013 8:01:36 AM  Ed Morrissey
Meet Cleveland’s newest hero, Charles Ramsey, who saw a young woman in trouble and acted to rescue her. In fact, Ramsey’s quick action ended up rescuing three women missing for years — two more than a decade — in a bizarre but


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Quotes of the day
5/6/2013 10:41:40 PM  Allahpundit
An exhaustive study by the Heritage Foundation has found that after amnesty, current unlawful immigrants would receive $9.4 trillion in government benefits and services and pay more than $3 trillion in taxes over their lifetimes. That leaves a net fiscal

Senate Republican obstructs Obama’s ability to win stuff with hole-in-one during golf outing
5/6/2013 10:01:58 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Those Senate Republicans, up to their old tricks again. Like that obnoxious and hyper-partisan rim on the White House basketball court, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) dealt another unfair blow to the president’s quest to win athletic events in public

President who appoints lobbyists, donors doesn’t want youth to get demoralized by government that rewards lobbyists, donors
5/6/2013 9:31:33 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
A passage from the president’s commencement speech at The Ohio State University. The speech’s greatest sin was betraying the president’s incredibly narrow, tired view of what constitutes citizenship and helping others and a painful lack

Reid to Cruz: “My friend from Texas is like a schoolyard bully”
5/6/2013 8:41:03 PM  Erika Johnsen
Yes, because goodness knows Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has never thrown a political punch below the belt in the course of his career. Via The Hill: The two senators bickered as Cruz rose to object to Reid’s motion to appoint conferees to a

More Bill Richardson: Everyone’s misinterpreting what I said about defining Ted Cruz as a Hispanic
5/6/2013 8:01:06 PM  Allahpundit
Via the Free Beacon. He says he didn’t mean Cruz can’t be defined as Hispanic, just that Cruz shouldn’t be defined exclusively by race. His problem is that he’s saying this against a backdrop of 25 years of liberals accusing

Video: Yes, the 3-D printable gun really works
5/6/2013 7:21:22 PM  Allahpundit
Fifty years ago, Americans dreamed of flying cars. Instead they got smart phones, beer drones, and working handguns that can be pressed from plastic in one’s own living room. Fair trade? Jazz wrote about this on Saturday but the video wasn’t

Venezuela’s Maduro really hitting this American “imperialist meddling” thing hard, huh?
5/6/2013 6:41:18 PM  Erika Johnsen
Meet the new Venezuelan leader, same as the old Venezuelan leader — well, at least in terms of the obsessive level of paranoid anti-Americanism he’s partial to peddling to Venezuelans as a trumped-up political distraction, but it sounds like

Carney: The ARB’s Benghazi report was “rigorous and unsparing”
5/6/2013 6:01:41 PM  Erika Johnsen
Allahpundit already covered the Syria-related aspects of Monday’s White House press briefing, but here’s another key bit that could prove mighty tricky for the Obama administration as the week progresses. Sounds like they’re sticking to

New idea to make “Walking Dead” more watchable: Sub in completely different dialogue
5/6/2013 5:21:00 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate, a little TWD fix in lieu of the traditional Monday night grumble thread. Watching it, I had three revelations about the show: 1. The zombies have showed more range than Michonne. Has she had a single scene as affecting as the one

Video: White House “highly skeptical” of UN’s finding that Syrian rebels, not Assad, used chemical weapons
5/6/2013 4:41:52 PM  Allahpundit
Via Greg Hengler. Like former NYT chief Bill Keller, I can’t see any pitfalls ahead from the White House being at odds with the UN on WMD while it plans war against a Middle Eastern regime. Further to Ed’s post this morning, here’s a

Book promo? RNC video highlights McAuliffe memoir
5/6/2013 4:01:00 PM  Ed Morrissey
On occasion, I’ll get asked whether I’ll ever run for public office, and my response is always the same: if I had any interest at all in running for office, I wouldn’t have spent the last decade writing down every thought and opinion I

Who’s excited for another awesome Obama jobs tour?
5/6/2013 3:21:01 PM  Erika Johnsen
Just what we’ve all been waiting for! At last, yet another pivot to “jobs,” because every other time President Obama has gone out campaigning — oops, I meant, jobs-touring — he’s been so effective at producing

The Ed Morrissey Show: Kevin McCullough, Lila Rose
5/6/2013 2:51:34 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), Kevin McCullough joins us again to discuss the intersection of faith and politics. Kevin and I will talk about the huge stories on the Benghazi attack, and more. In the second half, we’ll talk again with

Good news from Bill Ayers: My terrorism was nothing like the terrorism in Boston
5/6/2013 2:41:54 PM  Allahpundit
The Tsarnaevs wanted to kill people, whereas the Weather Underground mostly wanted to blow up property except for that time they built nail bombs to kill soldiers at a dance at Fort Dix but ended up blowing themselves up instead. Oh, and the time they

FBI: MN terror suspect arrested, charged
5/6/2013 2:01:50 PM  Ed Morrissey
Montevideo is a sleepy town in western Minnesota, more than 100 miles away from the Twin Cities, a town of around 5,300 people in farm country.  It’s also the focus of a terrorism investigation by the FBI, ATF, and state law enforcement that

Benghazi whistleblower: U.S. special forces were told to stand down during attack
5/6/2013 1:21:39 PM  Allahpundit
The alleged source: Greg Hicks, the same State Department deputy whose jaw dropped when he heard Susan Rice equivocating about whether the consulate attack was pre-planned or not. Who told SOCAFRICA they couldn’t go to Benghazi? The account from

Gosnell attorney: Fox tried to influence the jury
5/6/2013 12:41:46 PM  Ed Morrissey
This weekend, Bret Baier and Fox News ran an hour-long intensive look at the trial of Kermit Gosnell and the issues it raises about the abortion industry and the regulators who routinely ignored complaints about Gosnell’s clinics and others like

Video: Mattera and Redford go Sundancing over The Company You Keep
5/6/2013 12:01:14 PM  Ed Morrissey
You have to feel a little sorry for Robert Redford, don’t you?  He just released a feature film asking audiences to reconsider their harsh feelings about the Weather Underground, which set off bombs, killed police officers, and robbed banks for

Bill Richardson: I don’t think Ted Cruz should be defined as a Hispanic
5/6/2013 11:21:15 AM  Allahpundit
Via Breitbart, deep thoughts from BR on (a) how insulting our politics has become, and also (b) how Ted Cruz is a phony Latino. Skip to 2:15 for the key bit. Actually, I think Ramesh Ponnuru’s right that the question is arguably more revealing than

PPP: South Carolina a dead heat
5/6/2013 10:41:43 AM  Ed Morrissey
Can Mark Sanford succeed in his improbable comeback? According to the final poll of South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District ahead of the special election tomorrow, he’s going to make it close.  PPP puts Sanford ahead for the first time by