NHDP - NH Republicans Double Down on Failed O'Brien-Bradley Cuts to Critical Access Hospitals, LCHIP, Scholarships

Senate Republicans follow through on O'Brien Promise to slash NH budget


Concord - New Hampshire State Senate Republicans revealed this afternoon they plan to continue the failed O'Brien-Bradley budget policies voters rejected last fall with 300 million dollars in cuts.  Already they have vowed to cut dedicated funds for LCHIP, scholarship programs for underprivileged students, and reduce funding even below the reckless O'Brien-Bradley budget levels for critical access hospitals.  But even those programs combined aren't likely to add up to the 300 million dollars in cuts Republican Senator Morse is calling for. 


"Jeb Bradley's Tea Party Republican caucus is doubling down on the same failed budget policies from 2011 that killed hundreds of New Hampshire jobs, made the largest cut to public higher education funding in American history, and devastated essential services for thousands of Granite Staters," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein. "What else will the Tea Party Senate Republicans put on the chopping block?  Are they going to make deeper cuts to the University and Community College Systems, forcing another round of costly tuition increases?  Will they slash domestic violence prevention funding again? What about funding for snow plows for next winter?"


Last May, disgraced Speaker O'Brien promised that if re-elected he would "go further next year, paring as much as $400 million more." [Nashua Telegraph, 5/8/2012] Almost one year to the day from O'Brien making that Tea Party oath, Republicans in the Senate announced they will be following through on his disastrous plan. 


"Clearly Republicans in Concord didn't learn anything from last fall's elections when voters rejected the O'Brien-Bradley budget's mindless cuts undermining education and quality of life in communities across the state," continued Kirstein. "Instead of trying responsible ways to balance the budget while investing in priorities that will grow the economy and move New Hampshire forward, they are reverting to the same failed Tea Party policies of the past."