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New Hampshire’s state budget always looks very different at each step of the process. The Governor, House, and Senate each have a very different approach to the budget whether they are of the same party or not. The final product, whether we have it by the June 30 deadline or not, won’t look like one side or another “won” but rather will resemble a patchwork quilt of changes and compromises. Rejecting gambling one side and tax increases on the other hasn’t caused chaos and isn’t petulant retribution.... Click here to keep reading.


Gov,House & Senate HHS Budgets Largely the Same

Major Difference on Uncompensated Care

The spending levels  for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommended by the Governor, passed by the House, and proposed by the Senate Finance Committee are actually quite similar. The notable exception to this is the Uncompensated Care Fund, which are payments to hospitals to help pay for charity care.... Click here to keep reading


Back of the Budget Cuts at Heart of Current Dispute

HHS Spending in the Spotlight

Governor Maggie Hassan had some harsh words for the Senate Finance Committee this week. But the “sweeping, across the board cuts” to Health and Human Services programs aren’t in the line by line budget headed to the Senate floor, which actually spends more than the Governor’s budget on HHS programs.... Click here to keep reading.


The State's Online Checkbook

JBC's Transparency Project

With the budget process underway here in Concord are you curious where all that money is spent? Look no further than NHOpenGov. We have data on every last check the state wrote going back to 2009.... Click here to start looking!