ALG's Daily Grind - Is the NSA Recording Everything?

June 10, 2013

Is the NSA recording everything?

Obama: "If the intelligence community then actually wants to listen to a phone call they've got to go back to a federal judge."

North Carolina Republicans stand up to Wisconsin-style union bullying

In what looks eerily similar to the Wisconsin protests of 2011, union members and the NAACP are holding weekly protests at the North Carolina capitol against the conservative policies of the Republican legislature.

Will renewables lose their mandates?

17 states consider legislation to repeal or reform "renewable" energy mandates.

Graham: Temp staffing jobs hit record as firms dodge Obamacare costs

"Temporary staffing jobs hit a record 2.68 million in May as employers look to lighten the burden of Obamacare's regulations and fines for failing to provide full-time workers health coverage."