Townhall Daily - June 11 - Thomas Sowell, Chuck Norris, John Ransom, Jeff Jacoby, John Hawkins and More


Thomas Sowell:
Economics vs. 'Need'

Chuck Norris:
Is Your Food Being 'Poisoned'?

John Ransom:
As Obama Gets More Unstable, the Economy Stabilizes, Just as Planned

Jeff Jacoby:
Some Questions They Weren't Expecting

John Hawkins:
5 Reasons the Rubio/McCain Amnesty Bill Is The Next Obamacare

David Limbaugh:
You'd Better Believe This Is Obama's America


Obama to Americans, “One Nation, Under China!”
God is dead. Well, so it would seem. The U.S. Treasury just gave China direct access to its debt auctions. Never before in the 237-year history of this great country has any foreign government been granted such intimate access to Capitol Hill, which begs the question…  Is the United States now under the rule of communist China? Vote now.


Mona Charen:
Keeping Us Safe From Obama

Todd Starnes:
Soldier Who Read Conservative Books Now Faces Charges

Cal Thomas:
When Government Can't Be Trusted

Dennis Prager:
A Christian Minister Opposes 'God Bless America'

Michael Medved:
Why the Public Questions the Recovery

Pat Buchanan:
Our Guardian Angel Big Brother?


Mike Shedlock:
Return of the Silly Season

Ransom Notes Radio:
Good Morning NSA!

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Let’s Hope for Heavy Casualties on Both Sides Between the IMF and European Commission

Debra J. Saunders:
Obamacare Math Won't Add Up

Brett Bogus:
An Opaque PRISM

Paul Greenberg:
God Save The Queen

Rich Galen:
What Happened to Just Quitting?

Gabriella Hoffman:
CRNC Report Fails to Make Conservative Case to Young Voters

Charles Payne:
Mankind, Anxiety, Fear & Loathing...

Bob Beauprez:
Obama's "Light Touch" Sanctimony

Bill Murchison:
Twenty-First Century Morality, Writ Frighteningly

Rich Tucker:
Flipping the Channel

John Browne:
Crushing the Middle Class

John Bennett:
Caught on Camera: Kelly Ayotte Repeatedly Claimed to Oppose Amnesty as Candidate

Rick Santorum:
America Demands Truth on Benghazi

Ann-Marie Murrell:
A World Without the Internet: Are We Prepared?

Marvin Olasky:
Where are they now?

Robert Knight:
Why Big Government is The Goliath to be Feared

Crista Huff:
Comcast Has Plans for Your Hotspot

Erik Stanley:
Recorded: IRS Agent Telling Non-Profit To Keep Faith To Themselves

David Stokes:
Alinsky, Chambers, and the Rest of Us

Phil Kerpen:
Repeal, Don't Expand, Ethanol Mandate