Townhall Daily - June 12 - Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, John Stossel, Walter E. Williams, Byron York and More


Thomas Sowell:
Sex and the Military

Michelle Malkin:
Obama's Definition of "Smarter Enforcement": None

John Stossel:
Terror and Safety

Walter E. Williams:
Unnecessary Tragedy

Byron York:
On Judges, Obama Tells GOP: Don't Do Unto Me As I Did Unto You

Brent Bozell:
Obama Less Tyrannical Than Bush?


The Most Profitable Company in the History of the World?
Standard Oil… Saudi Aramco… The Dutch East India Company… These companies were bigger and more profitable than any single company on the planet today.
But one company could be on the verge of joining their ranks. It's already more profitable than just about every company on the globe. And yet, you've likely never heard of it. Details here.


Jonah Goldberg:
We Can't Trust Obama

Todd Starnes:
Huelskamp: Military Targeting Christian Soldiers

Mike Shedlock:
Uh, Oh: Mortgage Refis Plunge

Ransom Notes Radio:
If Clinton is Father of the Year, Obama is Big Brother of the Year

Daniel J. Mitchell:
A Frontrunner for the 2013 Bureaucrat-of-the-Year Award?

Terry Jeffrey:
Fewer Visas or More Surveillance?


Night Watch:
North Korea Agrees to Negotiations

Austin Bay:
No Denial on the Nile: Egypt Threatens Ethiopian Dams

Brett Bogus:
The Value of a FreePort , Half a World Away

Paul Greenberg:
Just Follow The Numbers

Ralph Benko:
George Gilder, Supply Side Intellectual Titan, Returns Bearing Knowledge And Power

Donald Lambro:
The Real Story: A Major Breach of National Security on Obama's Watch

Rachel Marsden:
NSA's PRISM Program Falls Victim to an Ego Trip

Phyllis Schlafly:
Big Brother Obama Is Watching

Jacob Sullum:
We're Only Spying on Ourselves

Michael Brown:
When You Think Your Mother is a Vampire

Bill Tatro:
Only a Modest Illegal Search by Government

Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:
Paying Off Student Debt: Can You Find a Financial Balance?

Andrew Langer:
Cutting Budget Corners Hurts Military Preparedness

Ann-Marie Murrell:
Withstanding the "Obamaslaught"

Armstrong Williams:
The College Scam

Crista Huff:
Dole Food CEO Wants Leftovers

Hector Barreto:
The More You Learn, The Less You'll Like: Nominee is Bad News For Obama Labor Board












Gov. Rick Perry Heads North

Immigration Bill Heads to Senate Floor

Sen. Rand Paul: I'm Leaving My Phone at Home

Obama Administration Drops Morning-After Pill Appeal