Franklin Center - What were they doing there?

"What were they doing there?" 

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Franklin Center president Jason Stverak appeared on Fox News last Sunday to ask the tough questions about Sarah Hall Ingram, currently head of the implementation of Obamacare and her 165 White House visits.

Watch the full interview here!

The Latest News on IRS Scandal

Catch up on all the latest stories on IRS overreach - now in one place!

Why Hasn't IRS Director Lois Lerner Been Fired?

IRS Director Lois Lerner was asked to resign, but refused. Firing her is extraordinarily difficult because public-sector unions have made it nearly impossible to terminate even the most incompetent of employees

Check out Franklin Center President Jason Stverak’s
op-ed in Forbes HERE!

Congressional leaders offer bipartisan support for unlimited NSA spying on Americans

Sometimes, it is painfully obvious that the two-party system is a joke, at least when it comes to keeping reins on the government’s powers.

Watch Senator Diane Feinstein and Rep. Mike Rogers defend NSA spying

Watchdog Wire Writing Contest: You Judge The Media!

Is the media doing its job? We want to hear from you, and we’re holding a writing contest with some fantastic prizes!

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