NHDP - Bill O'Brien for Governor?

Friend --

Last weekend, a top lieutenant of disgraced former House Speaker Bill O’Brien announced he is exploring a run for Governor.  In 2012, the voters of New Hampshire rejected this extreme and out-of-touch ideology.
Pitch in to our effort today with $25 or more to ensure New Hampshire does not elect a Bill O’Brien lieutenant as Governor.
A Bill O’Brien Tea-Party Republican in the Governor’s Office would mean:

  • It would be harder to arrest perpetrators of domestic violence
  • Judges would be limited in their abilities to take guns away from people arrested for dangerous crimes
  • A reduction of child support payments for deadbeat parents
  • Classifying airport security officials as sex offenders
  • Strong support for the reckless O’Brien-Bradley budget that killed hundreds of NH jobs and made the largest cut to public higher education in American history

These are the wrong priorities for New Hampshire and were soundly defeated on Election Day last November.  Undeterred by their losses, Bill O’Brien and his band of extremists are doubling down and planning runs for higher office all across the state.  Stand up to Bill O’Brien today and pitch in to our efforts:


Together, we will continue to stand up and protect the New Hampshire we all know and love.


Chairman, New Hampshire Democratic Party

P.S. -More than 75 donors from all 10 counties have signed up as monthly sustaining donors to the NHDP.  Have you?