NHDP - NH Senate Republicans Block Federal Grant for Health Care Consumer Assistance

Concord – New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Harrell Kirstein issued the following statement after Senate Republicans refused to accept a $5.3 million federal grant that would help connect Granite Staters to health coverage.  Republicans blocked the grant with a 13-11 party line vote on SB129.
“Why do Jeb Bradley, Andy Sanborn and Senate Republicans want to put the federal government in charge of New Hampshire citizens’ health care instead of retaining local control?  If Bradley and his pals are going to play political games with New Hampshire taxpayers hard earned money the least they can do is offer an explanation.
“Senate Republicans, led by Jeb Bradley and Andy Sanborn, blocked $5.3 million dollars from the federal government that would help connect Granite Staters to affordable health care coverage. The consumer assistance grant would allow people on the ground in our state who know New Hampshire's health care market and system best to help families and individuals find insurance coverage.
“But instead of accepting these commonsense federal dollars, Bradley and Sanborn would rather cede control to the federal government, putting the responsibility of helping Granite Staters find coverage on the backs of federal bureaucrats.”