NRSC - La oleada de Gomez!

June 12, 2013

It’s on! La oleada de Gabriel Gomez! 

Heading into last night’s debate, the Boston Globe reported: "Two recent polls show Markey with a 7% lead over Gomez, although one of those polls suggested that Gomez has been surging in recent weeks."

The reviews are in - Gabriel Gomez came out the clear winner in the 2nd debate of the Massachusetts Senate race.  But don’t take our word for it:

  • Boston Globe:  "…Gomez was so much improved that his campaign has to feel good about the way it went. … Gomez did a good job portraying himself as a centrist with bipartisan inclinations. … Last night he turned in the kind of performance that will create some buzz – and bring an interested audience to the final encounter next week..."
  • Boston Herald: "Gabriel Gomez ... was more soft-spoken and less harsh, while still getting some jabs in at Ed Markey’s longevity in Washington. Best zinger: Gomez wins for this: “You are Washington, D.C., and you own the national debt, Sir.” Mr. Congeniality: Gomez gets the narrow victory by repeatedly calling Markey “Sir” and winking even as he’s bashing him. Markey can’t get rid of the vaguely weird frozen smile. FINAL RESULT: GOMEZ WINS
  • Boston Herald Columnist Joe Battenfield: "Gabriel Gomez hardly looked the part of a right-wing Republican last night, and that’s more troubling news for Democratic opponent Ed Markey.  Gomez was more aggressive than Markey last night but stuck to his script of portraying the Democrat as a longtime Washington insider. It’s a message that seems to be working and could resonate with even more scandals piling up in the Obama administration."
  • Politico - Gomez Takes the Fight to Ed Markey: "Underdog Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez went all out in a debate against frontrunner Ed Markey Tuesday to pin Washington’s ills on the longtime Democratic congressman. Gomez said the national debt, now $17 trillion, was $680 billion when Markey came to Congress in 1976.  “You are Washington, D.C., and you own the national debt, sir,” Gomez said."
  • The Hill: "In a play to siphon away independent and centrist Democratic voters, Gomez sought every opportunity to emphasize the issues on which he aligned with his opponent."

Democrats entered the week already worried about losing in navy blue Massachusetts. Now they seem completely panicked. 

Last night, Vice President Joe Biden slipped up, revealing the Democrats' biggest fear – that Ed Markey doesn’t motivate core Democratic voters.  The Boston Globe reports this morning, Biden cautioned attendees not to assume Markey will win… “Barack Obama’s not at the head of the ticket. And that means those legions of African Americans and Latinos are not automatically going to come out. No one has energized them like Barack Obama. But he’s not on the ticket....”  WOW. 

Sound confident in Ed Markey? Hardly.

"Thus far Markey and his liberal special interest outside groups have outspent Gabriel Gomez by about 3:1, yet the race remains neck and neck," said NRSC Communications Director Brad Dayspring.  "Gomez was the clear winner in last night's debate and his growing momentum is further evidence that Gomez can win so long as he has an opportunity to have his message of change heard."