Townhall Daily - June 13 - Ann Coulter, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Kurt Schlichter, Victor Davis Hanson, John Ransom and More


Ann Coulter:
If the GOP Is This Stupid It Deserves to Die

Jackie Gingrich Cushman:
City on a Hill

Kurt Schlichter:
The Immigration “Crisis” No Crisis

Victor Davis Hanson:
America's Vast Margin of Error

John Ransom:
Obama Tear Down this Wall: China on Capitalism, Russia on Domestic Snooping

Michael Barone:
NSA Surveillance, If Ungentlemanly, Is Not Illegal


Minnesota medical doctor unveils survival strategy

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Larry Elder:
Obama Demonstrates the Evil of Big Government

Jeff Jacoby:
A Conservative's Case For Confirming Samantha Power

Bob Barr:
Even if You Have Nothing to Hide You Have Something to Fear

Todd Starnes:
Obama ‘Strongly Objects’ to Religious Liberty Amendment

Todd Starnes:
HGTV: Use American Flag as Table Cloth

Michael Reagan:
Father’s Day Message


Ransom Notes Radio:
Who is Scanning Your Child’s Retinas?

Daniel J. Mitchell:
Two Tax-Hiking RINOs Slain in GOP Virginia Primary

Debra J. Saunders:
Young IT Guys Who Knew Too Much

Night Watch:
North Korea Backs Out of Negotiations

David Harsanyi:
The Left's Phony Defense of Freedom

Matt Towery:
Will the Case of the "Lone Leaker" Divert Attention?

Brett Bogus:
What The Government Knows About You

Rich Galen:
State Department Behaving Undiplomatically

Charles Payne:
Lessons >From Iran

Steve Chapman:
Presidents 2, Democracy 0

Emmett Tyrrell:
Throw The Book At Him

Roger Schlesinger:
How Do We Turn Around America?

Crista Huff:
Teva Shells Out $1.6 Billion to Pfizer

Jerry Newcombe:
Oh the Profanity!

Ken Connor:
Vive La France: It's About the Children