ALG's Daily Grind - Does human nature compel overborrowing?

June 14, 2013

Does human nature compel overborrowing?

If man always needs credit because of the need to grow and expand, and he is incapable of controlling credit and debt, then human nature is to indulge until it all collapses.

Virginia Republicans fail to protect tax-hiking incumbents

Two Virginia House of Delegates members primaried for passing the highest tax increase in the Commonwealth's history.

Liberalism is bankrupt

This worldview diagnoses government problems as merely a question of bad management or lack of funding, which is why federal government workers and contractors have become in the past decade some of the most highly educated and best paid people in America.

Bovard: The Reality of Feel-Good Government

"After nearly 20 years and billions of taxpayer dollars, AmeriCorps has little to show."