ALG's Daily Grind - EPA's unethical human testing

June 13, 2013

EPA's unethical human testing

Subjects in EPA studies conducted at the University of North Carolina were allegedly exposed to up to 21 times of the legally allowed fine particulate matter (microscopic soot particles) in tests that left at least one previously healthy man still wheezing for air two years later.

Did the NSA chief admit the agency is recording everything?

Read between the lines. NSA head Gen. Keith Alexander admits that "if you want to get the content, you'd have to get a court order." How can the agency access the content of a phone call from the metadata from past calls if it was not already recorded?

In praise of 'extremism'

The next great Republican leader will offer choice, contrast, charisma and principle, and if the water carriers for the D.C. status quo label him an "extremist," he (or she) will wear that charge as the proverbial badge of honor.

Weidner: Wall Street can't quit Fed addiction

"Just Monday, the Fed's use of a single word, 'taper,' in relation to its bond-buying program created a surge in media coverage and shakiness in the markets."